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This year, the Belvidere boys track team had an indoor meet on Saturday, Feb 16, at Byron. and had a home meet on Wednesday, April 2, in the Funderburg stadium that was canceled due to weather.

The Belvidere boys track team are working hard by working together as a team and supporting each other.

“It’s going great for my first year doing track and I really hope I get better, my teammates are really good friends and I think that’s what makes me do good I guess with all of their support and cheering, but I can get better,” said senior Ramses Baeza Tejada.

Dane Jankiewicz made fifth place in 1600 meter relay, at the Byron meet on Saturday.

“I love working with my buddies, and happy that there are so many new guys joining. I'm really excited for the rest of the season,” said Jankiewicz.

The boys have an outdoor track meet at BNHS against North and Jefferson on Tuesday, April 9 and a meet at Freeport on April 13, against Freeport and Guilford. The team overall working hard to reach their goals as a team. Make sure you go support your Belvidere boy’s track.

Mariah Perez, Staff Writer

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