Year’s fine arts programming comes a close


Noah Cressent performing in the BHS musical Anastasia.

Tikaya Jones, Editor

All BHS fine arts programs have come to a close for the year after the performance of the musical, Anastasia, and the recent band and choir concerts.

The theater program  has done a great job this year. The students performed One Stoplight Town in February and then Anastasia last month. Anastasia was my favorite musical during my time at BHS. The actors were on point with their parts. There were few noticeable mistakes, and the atmosphere was perfect. The actors made me feel the settings they were in and drew me in at nearly every scene.

My favorite part of Anastasia was the singing and overall acting skills. The singers were so fantastic and talented. My favorite singers were Noah Cresson, Ella Yates, and Yakelin Santana Aguilar,.

Along with the theater program putting together a great show, the choir had a great last concert. Mr. Miller has pushed the choirs to be the best they can be. Every single choir sounded beautiful and filled the theater with heartwarming music. 

Although all choirs sounded beautiful, I have to say the show choir was my favorite. Show Choir is usually the choir you can barely hear due to them singing and dancing without microphones. This time around the singers had microphones, and it sounded so euphonious. They put a smile on my face because of how well they performed. I’m so excited to watch them perform in the future.

Last but not least is the band. This last band concert wraps up Mr. Jason Costabile’s first year as the band director at BHS. The selection of pieces was really beautiful. One of the most enjoyable parts was when the Wind Ensemble performed Amazing Grace arranged by Ticheil. The performance was moving, and you could feel the bittersweet emotion coming from the players. There were a few senior solos. One of which stood out was Nadia Jensen played a piece and it was incredibly articulated.

I’m so excited to see how these programs continue to grow, I definitely recommend you show them your support.