Game club brings representation back to tabletop games


Maison Mulcahy

Game Club plays a variety of games during its meetings.

Jillian Bragg, Staff Writer

Game Club members play to show their strategy and teamwork through competitive and cooperative games.

One game they used to play was called Pandemic. It features strategy and teamwork. In the game, the players are to cure the four viruses building up while working with other players to put a stop to the growing viruses. The game has been postponed the last couple of years based on the development of COVID-19.

The club advisor, Jeff Edelman, said the club was more about tabletop gaming than anything else.

“I want to build a more specialized focus for tabletop gaming – not video games,” Edelman said. “The games they play tend to be intricate and focus far more on strategy and teamwork.

“We welcome anyone to join and are willing to help them along the way, if need be.”

Sophomore club member Aiden Casey said he enjoys the club meetings.

“It’s fun and a great way to make good friends and have a good time,” he said. “This club is a place where you can enjoy any type of game.”

Casey described the club as a safe place where everyone seems to get along and share the same interests.

“It’s really a big community and we really don’t have a filter on anything,” junior Alex Solache said. “It’s fun being able to let out all of your energy via screaming at each other, when all of your friends kick back in a classroom playing different competitive games.” 

The most recent game held during a club meet was a game called, Border Lands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party. Edelman explained the game as both competitive and cooperative.

The player is to complete their own “theme” while also competing with other players. The player can choose to cooperate and give other players what they want or compete and make it harder for the other players.

Game club has no requirements to join and invites anyone who loves playing games to join them every Tuesday in Room 14 for tabletop and board games.