Boys’ basketball team shows potential in win


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Junior Ryan Beaudet goes up for a layup.

Brynn Kirkland, Staff Writer

The Bucs boys basketball team picked up an intense win over Woodstock North on Jan. 17, propelling it in a positive direction as the team picks up momentum. 

Woodstock grabbed the lead at the start, but the Bucs slowly gained momentum. Down the final stretch, junior David Guerrero knocked down two clutch free throws to secure the win. The Bucs played strong fundamental basketball as they were able to get the majority of their free throws to fall. 

“That’s by far the best we’ve played all year,” Coach Brian Koehne said.   

The boys only had five turnovers in the whole game, which allowed them to have more key possessions and points. 

“Our guys took care of the ball, we shot our free throws well, and we got the ball around the basket and were able to finish,” Koehne said.

Although this win was a step in the right direction for the Bucs, Koehne feels that the boys have the potential to do much more. 

“There’s more to our abilities than what we are consistently showing on a weekly basis,” Koehne said. “I think that we have the ability and the kids to be more competitive.

“We just need to really understand what that means, what it takes – in the offseason, in practice, in pregame. When we get to that point, I think you’ll see some good things out of these guys.” 

By taking the win against Woodstock, it gave the boys a small taste of victory and made them hungry for more. 

“I think that it really showed us that we can compete with any team we go against, and proved to us what we were being told by all our coaches,” junior Ryan Beaudet said. “It showed us that we still have the rest of the season to go out there and play hard like we did, and we’ll be able to compete with anyone in our conference.” 

With the season coming to an end, going into the final stretch leading to the regional game, Coach Koehne reveals their mindset for the future. 

“Our priority is certainly growth,” Koehne said. “A lot of our focus even for upcoming games is getting better at what we do and really evaluating ourselves – just trying to improve our offense, our ball handling, our defense. As coaches, we’re trying to evaluate ourselves to see what we can do to help these guys improve even more.”