REVIEW: Craig back as Bond one more time

Tikaya Jones, Staff Writer

The movie “No Time To Die” is based on author Ian Fleming’s infamous character, James Bond. It stars Daniel Craig alongside Rami Malek. In the plot, Bond returns after being retired for five years to help rescue a kidnapped scientist. The movie was filmed in Jamaica 

“No Time To Die” is based on another action/adventure movie originated by Sean Connery’s Bond in 1962’s “Dr. No”. The Bond role has been played by 6 different actors for the past 59 years. In Jamaica, the producers filmed in the city of Port Antonio in the northeast part of the island.  They also filmed in five other countries: Italy, England, Scotland, Norway, and Faroe Islands.

Out of all 25 Bond movies, “No Time to Die” is averaging around the 4th and 5th best. The rating of the movie is 3.6 stars. The movie was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga.

Senior Luke Smith said, “ I really liked the movie, especially when it was getting heated. I feel like Daniel was a great actor for Bond and I’ll miss seeing him in the other bond movies”.

Daniel Craig has retired from playing the role of James Bond after a total of 15 years. He originally was supposed to leave after SPECTRE, but felt like something needed to be finished. In an article written by Liv McMahon, Craig said: If I’d left it at SPECTRE, something at the back of my head would have been going, ‘I wish I’d done one more.'”

In many of his interviews, Craig talks about how much he’ll miss being with the cast and how they’re the most memorable thing about the Bond movies.

Of course, the Bond movies will be continuing, and many people are wondering about who will fill Bond’s shoes. No decision has been made, but current speculation centers around names like Tom Hardy, Rege-Jean Page, Richard Madden, Tom Hopper, and Jamie Dornan.