OPINION: BHS Needs to Become More Environmentally Friendly


Brynn Kirkland

The space to make environmental friendly changes.

Brynn Kirkland, Staff Writer

With the amount of plastic and other recyclable materials used for student lunches, instead of disposing of these items in the trash, BHS should invest in recycling bins to place around the school cafeteria.

“It will help sustainability, incorporate responsibility within students, and promote healthier lifestyles,” said BHS agriculture teacher Ashleigh Fisher.

Although the classrooms in BHS have recycling bins, currently there is nowhere that students can recycle in the cafeteria. Since the hot lunches provided at BHS consist mostly of plastic packaging, the cafeteria would be a vital place for recycling bins to be. Along with adding recycling bins in the lunchroom, BHS needs to add those bins throughout the entire school. 

Fisher said there are other changes we could make to help the environment.

“Get rid of all plastics and move to all biodegradable products,” she said. 

Mr. Matt Wiedow, a BHS maintenance supervisor, said that BHS does, in fact, recycle, and that the maintenance staff at the school are the ones in charge of it.

 “Every Wednesday they clear out the recycling bins,” Wiedow said. “We have separate disposal bins for recyclables and regular waste.”

The Northeast Recycling Council’s 2012 article The Importance of School Recycling states: “When schools recycle they help to reduce fossil fuel usage, conserve resources, and help to create local jobs.” 

Along with these benefits, recycling also diverts the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and overall, prevents pollution. The article also explains how when schools incorporate recycling around their personal environment, it sets an example for the students and encourages them to emulate recycling into their daily lives. 

As the American Federation of Teachers said in its pamphlet Building Minds, Minding Buildings: School Recycling: “Schools and other education facilities often are among the largest waste generators in any city, county or state.” 

By making these adjustments within the high school, it would be a step in the right direction toward helping the environment and would encourage other schools to make the same changes.