DeGennaro sisters make it to state in tennis


Tikaya Jones, Editor

This year the BHS girls’ tennis team sent the DeGennaro sisters to the state tournament, where they won one out of three of their matches they played – more than any other NIC-10 qualifiers.

“Altogether it was a really really great experience to start my senior year with,” senior Isabeau DeGennaro said

The DeGennaros have been playing tennis since they were 6 years old with Isabeau played regularly and competitively for four years while Gianna played for 4.5 years.

They used to play at the Forest City Tennis Center before it was torn down. Now they practice and take lessons with  assistant coach Shao-Yu Yu of the Northern Illinois University men’s tennis team. 

This was the first year both sisters made it to state. While preparing for state, the girls said that they put in extra practices with Yu, doing doubles drills and mentally focusing. 

“My goals going into the season were honestly to just have fun with Beau,” freshman Gianna said. “It’s my freshman year and her senior year so this was the one and only chance we had to do this.”

Although Isabeau doesn’t want to continue competitive tennis for college, she will lean towards doing it recreationally. Gianna has a bit of time left to decide, but she said that wants to continue playing competitively.