Art Club open to all

(Picture of Mrs. Reints wearing the new art club shirts)

Jillian Bragg

(Picture of Mrs. Reints wearing the new art club shirts)

Jillian Bragg, Staff Writer

Belvidere High School’s art club held its first meet on Sept. 10 in room FA10 and are welcoming any new members wanting to join. The club meets every Friday.

Art club member Reona DBirr said that she finds joining the club worth it.

“It’s really fun so far,” she said. “Everyone is pretty cool and definitely talented. It’s just really fun.”

The teacher leading art club, Mrs. Jil Reints, welcomes any student to join, and no art classes are needed.

“The kids are hilarious and fun,” she said, then joked. “They keep coming back to me, God knows why.” 

Reints said the club was in is the recent Homecoming Parade and will later carve pumpkins during the Halloween season. Later in the year, the group will be taking on a larger project – painting a mural.

The second level to art club called, Art Elite. It is usually for those that have been in art club for one year or longer, Reints said.

.“They’re die-hard,” she said. “It’s just an advanced art club for those  ‘die-hard’ members.”

Any and all newcomers are welcomed to join. Art club meets every Friday in room FA10.