Co-op Boys Volleyball Starts off the season


Jack Larson, Staff Writer

Commencing their 2021 season, the boys co-op volleyball team took a 2-0 loss to Hononegah on Tuesday, April 27, at Hononegah High School.

As the team lost their first match of the season, the overall morale around the program stands unchanged, as the general hope for most of the players is to do they best they can as well as improve and learn from their mistakes.

“I’m looking to make improvements everyday in our practices and games,” said first year head coach Storm Britt. “The team has a lot of height, and loves the sport of volleyball, but they haven’t had a coach challenge them to be better and be great volleyball players as far as skills.”

While this may be Coach Britt first year with the boys program, she is not quite unfamiliar to the school, as she also stepped up to be the new coach of the girls team as well. She has a central focus on overall team improvement, and teaching new aspects of the game.

“My expectations for the team this year is to grow as players and as a team,” said Junior Gavin McClenthen. “Winning is something we’re all aiming to do, but we have to grow as a team first, before we can expect wins.”

As improvements are ever in mind for the team this year, they plan to do so through setting goals and making each other better rather than strictly self improvement.

Junior Mikey Loeding said, “My personal goals for the season this year are to have more than 90% of my serves in, over 80% of hits on me up, and 150 digs. But as a group, we all want to win as a team, and grow closer together.”

The team doesn’t expect to finish first or second in the conference this year, but generally, it wouldn’t be a great idea to count them out of exceeding their expectations this year, as the group seems to be dead set on working hard, and becoming a better team.

“I want to make everyone around me a better player,” said McClenthen. “As we’re all striving to be better, so will I.”

The boys volleyball team will face the Harlem Huskies on April 30, at Belvidere North.