Bass fishing comes to BHS


Jesse Moyer, Staff Writer

BHS has adopted a new sport called bass fishing, coached by Brian Koehne.

Bass fishing is getting more popular around the state of Illinois; the bass fishing team has already had a few practices in already. BHS has never had a bass fishing season yet, but there was talk about it in the 2019-2020 school year and then this year it was made official that bass fishing was coming to BHS.

Athletic Director Josh Sternquist said, ¨We are extremely excited to introduce bass fishing as one of our IHSA sports!  We attempted to bring it into our school last year but COVID hit and it was paused.  Coach Koehne and the kids are ready to go this year and we look forward to the upcoming tournaments!  Fishing is such a large part of our city and community that we felt it was important to offer this opportunity.  We look forward to its growth in future years.¨

Coach Koehne said he is really looking forward to coaching the fishing team.

Bass fishing coach Brian Koehne said, ¨I decided to coach because I really enjoy fishing and love to get out there.  Last year I heard a few kids talking about bass fishing and wondering why we didn’t have a team.  I went to Mr. Sternquist about it and he took it from there.¨

Two students in sophomore Jonah Mundy and freshman Allen Ryan will make up this year’s team.

Mundy said, “I joined bass fishing to learn more ways to fish and have more memories out on the water and hopefully catch a new personal record.”

Koehne also said, ” I am really excited about this season.  I have fished for a while, but have never done any tournaments so a lot of it is new to me.  We have had some practice already and I think we have a good group.  We are hoping to represent BHS well at sectionals.”

The Bass fishing team has their first meet on Saturday, May 1 against Batavia and Marmion high schools at Shabbona Lake. The bass fishing team has the IHSA sectionals on May 5 at Pierce Lake.