Graduation inches closer


Dylan Schohn, Online Editor

As Graduation date gets closer and closer, BHS seniors have a few things to do before they can graduate on May 22.

According to a newsletter sent out to all seniors, there will be a senior luncheon on May 19 that will also include a senior survey, supplies turn in, and there will be time to take care payments or fines if needed.

BHS Senior Class Advisor Mrs. Lourdes Maldonado said, “This will be a very different ceremony in all aspects with regards to venue, setup, and attendees, but we are doing our best to make commencement special for the Class of 2021.”

Graduation practice will be held on May 21, at 2:00. Seniors will receive their caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony at this time.

BHS Principal Mr.Billy Lewis said, “We’re excited to help our students prepare for a smooth transition towards graduation. Important dates coming up include May 18, last day of attendance if passing all classes, May 19, senior check-out from 11am-3pm, which will include chromebook turn-in and final fee payments, if necessary, and May 21, graduation rehearsal, which starts after lunch. Graduation, of course, takes place May 22 at 10:00 a.m. here at BHS. More information will be communicated in the next few weeks.”

Graduation will be on May 22, or May 23 in the PAC if there is rain. Seniors will be allowed two tickets if held outside, one ticket if held inside due to rain.

Senior Kaleb Hayes said, ” I wanted a normal graduation and all but I am happy we are at least having one with a few of the normal events.”

BHS seniors are required to have 24 credits, four credits of english, two of social studies, two of science, and three of math for core classes in order to graduate.

If there are any questions, talk to Maldonado or Mr.Lewis for more information.