Huff, McDonald win Homecoming royalty


Jesse Moyer, Staff Writter

BHS was still able to host Homecoming this year and still have court, the assembly, and dress up days this past week.

Seniors Jaclyn McDonald and Carter Huff were honored at this year’s King and Queen. Attendants for each class included freshmen Madison Rothermel and Reese Schoon, sophomores Ella Scimeca and Noah Cresson, and juniors Athena Kindgren and Michael Loeding.

Senior nominees with Huff and McDonald were Queen nominees Meadow Cox, Paige Kitsemble, Jaclyn McDonald, and Jillian Taylor and King nomineses Tony Haras, Dylan Schohn, and David Williams.

In the locker bay contest, each class was asked to come up with their own theme this season due to the fact that there was no overall theme. Seniors won the locker bay contest with their movie theme. Juniors’ theme was under the stars, sophomore was Anartica, and the freshmen was Pac Man.

BHS still had a Homecoming assembly with games like field goal kicking, won by teachers Mr. Jeremy Edwards, Mr. Jon Hannel, and BHS Principal Billy Lewis. The second game was water balloon toss won by seniors Conner Paulson and Sierra Douglas. Junior Kaden Finnestad won the hula hoop contest, and the ring toss was won by teachers Mr. Sam Peters and Mrs. Miranda Zimmerman. Seniors Reggie English and Douglas won the pie eating contest for the seniors.

Math teacher Mrs. Jessica Full said, “it was nice that we had a Homecoming assembly this year because it felt good to have something normal.”

Sophomore James Moyer said, “I like how we had a Homecoming assembly this year, so we had something for Homecoming instead of just the dress up days.”

BHS still offered some type of Homecoming this year, despite not having one earlier this fall. Homecoming usually happens in the fall with a whole week with dress up days, with a prep assembly, the Homecoming parade being the Thursday of the week, and closing the week with the football game on Friday and the Homecoming dance itself is on Saturday. Due to COVID-19, BHS couldn’t have a regular Homecoming this year, but there were still dress up days, homecoming courts, pep assembly, and the football game. The Homecoming dance and parade were canceled due to COVID restrictions.