NFL jersey number rule to change


Maison Mulcahy, Staff Writer

The NFL is expected to approve a proposal to allow players to change the league’s jersey-number rules at the beginning of the 2021 NFL season.

NFL Owners are expected to pass a proposal from the Kansas City Chiefs that will allow certain skill position players, running-backs, tight-ends, wide-receivers, linebackers, and defensive backs, to wear a single-digit jersey number.

The defending AFC champs proposed this as a result of the lack of available numbers due to the franchise’s retired numbers.

This proposal, if passed, would set a new range of numbers for all positions:
Quarterbacks, Punters, and Kickers: 1–19, running backs: 1–49, 80–89, defensive backs: 1–49, linebackers: 1–59, 90–99, offensive lineman: 50–79, defensive lineman: 50–79, 90–99

We could see superstars change their numbers this season. For example, Alvin Kamara could possibly go from number 41 to his old college number 6.

I personally think that the NFL should allow players to wear single-digit jersey. I just think that the players who already have a number, should just stay as that number. If they get traded or they sign somewhere else then they can change it, but players like Kamara have made an impact with the number that they are.

Bills’ wide receiver Stefon Diggs made a point when this was proposed that fans have spent so much money on their current jerseys, that it would be a waste of money if they change.