BHS Host Vaccination Clinic for 16+


Jesse Moyer, Staff Writter

The Boone County Health Department and BHS hosted a Vaccination Clinic for 16+ on April 14th.

Out of 576 people around 20 of them were senior citizens who were there to get the second dosage of Pfizer. When BHS students were asked to sign up there wasn’t enough sign up so district 100 asked district 100 staff if they have household members, especially those aged 16-20, who need vaccination and live in Boone County

BHS Principal BIlly Lewis said, “I am excited that our district is partnering with the Boone County Health Department to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to our students. This will bring a much-needed sense of reassurance to our students and their families.”

There were 576 people that came to get vaccinated students that were not 18 had to either have a consent form or a guardian present to receive the vaccination. 

District 100 Superintendent Dr. Daniel Woestman said, “We are very grateful to the Boone County Health department using the scarce Pfizer allotment for teenagers, as it is the only vaccine approved for teenagers”

Junior Brynn Kirkland said, “I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to get vaccinated, it was great seeing so many people there to get it, just shows that we’re taking small steps back to normalcy”

The Illinois Department of Public Health was allowing all Illinois residents that are 16+ were allowed to start getting vaccinated after April 12th. Those who got vaccinated will be eligible to get their second dosage on May 5th