2021 March Madness comes to a close


Jack Larson, Staff Writer

Finishing on a rather disappointing note, the Baylor University Bears took down the Gonzaga Bulldogs 86-70 on Monday, April 5, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As just about 70 percent of brackets this year chose Gonzaga as their champion, a lot of people were displeased by the formerly undefeated team, as the game was never really close from the get-go.

While many people are disappointed in Gonzaga, Baylor really was just the better team. Using toughness and strength, they beat Gonzaga with a lower field goal percentage, but much better performances from beyond the arch, at the line, and off the glass.

Truly, at the start of the tournament Gonzaga was the favorite for obvious reasons, but something in the back of my head was always telling me it was too good to be true, however, I failed to change my pick and kept the bulldogs as my National Champs.

It’s quite apparent that the National Championship wasn’t the best of games, but if you back track a couple of days, dark horse UCLA provided two of the closest basketball games one could ever witness.

The First Four to Final Four Bruins had an awesome victory against Michigan in the Elite 8, which came down to the last possession for Michigan, in which one of their best players Franz Wagner completely airballed a wide open three to win the game. However, the Bruins were not so lucky in their next game vs. Gonzaga, as bulldogs guard Jalen Suggs drained a three from just over the half court line to win the game with two seconds left in overtime.

Crazy endings like that are never unexpected in March Madness, and the case is the same for the Women’s tournament, as Stanford beat Arizona in the National Championship, 54-53; one that will really make you put free throws into perspective.

To finish off my address on one of my favorite parts of the year, I’d like to make a list of winners and losers this year from the men’s tournament.

Winners: Baylor, UCLA, Drew Timme, Oregon State, Oral Roberts, PAC-12 Conference, the Mobley Family, Sister Jean

Losers: The Big 10 Conference, Illinois, Ohio State, Texas, Franz Wagner, VCU, Rutgers’ Defensive rebounding in the last five minutes, Nearly everyone’s bracket.