District 100 plans to return to school full-time


Conner Paulson, Staff Writer

The Belvidere School Board of Education was presented with a proposal to change middle and high schools from a hybrid learning model to a four day in-person learning model starting after Spring Break.

The Belvidere School Board of Education voted March 17 to have students back in school for a four-day week, with Wednesdays still being a student-teacher conference day. There is still an option to stay online if students chose to do so.

Senior Jaclyn McDonald said, “I decided to come back to school for a four-day schedule because I wanted to have somewhat of a normal senior year. I am also fully vaccinated now, so I am not worried about the virus as much as I used to be.”

Principal Mr. Billy Lewis said that BHS is expecting over 600 kids will be present on April 6. ¨That is more than double the number we had for the 3rd quarter,” Lewis said.

Some students are choosing to remain remote during fourth quarter. Junior Jack Larson said he is still not comfortable going back to school in-person

“I want to be back for the last quarter of my junior year. However, I chose to stay online due to the general concerns for my family regarding the virus,” said junior Jack Larson.