Homecoming and Prom Dances Cancelled


Autumn Przybyla, Print Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the possibilities of a combined Prom and Homecoming, or a virtual Prom and in-person Homecoming, BHS has ruled against the possibility of any formal dances.

Senior Dylan Schohn said, “I do not agree with the dances being cancelled; I understand that it is to keep us safe, but we are with the same kids all day so I am not sure how it is different to school, especially with there now being 700 students in-person with no sanitation or screening.”

As they have done in past years, Student Council will be choosing dress-up days for Spirit Week April 19-23 and decorating locker bays. Homecoming Court will also be announced on April 24, at the football team’s crossover game.

“We won’t have any type of events associated with a dance, like pictures, for example. You can still expect a lot of opportunities to express school spirit. Everything we do, we have to continue working to ensure the safest environment possible for everyone involved, which I believe we’ll be able to do, and do well”, said Principal Mr. Billy Lewis, “Our school district didn’t feel comfortable enough to host dances that could meet all safety protocols. I am hopeful that we will be able to offer dances again next year, and am excited about the homecoming activities we have for later this month.”

There are still a lot of unknowns and indefinites regarding any events resembling “Homecoming”, such as dates/times and precautions, but there will be a Powderpuff game and a pep rally. Ultimately, BHS will not be hosting any type of Prom or Homecoming dances.

Senior Elly Heimer said, “I think it is really disappointing. My parents both work in schools and they are still having a Prom, so I think we could’ve put one together as well. I know friend groups are still having their own mini dance, but it just stinks never being able to have the real thing.”

Throughout the many pandemic-driven upsets of the past year, seniors do have one thing going for them, as they will be able to walk across the stage to receive their diploma in an outside ceremony at Funderburg Stadium on May 22. More information such as how many tickets are allowed will be available in the upcoming weeks.