Is getting the Covid vaccine really worth it?


Dylan Schohn, Online Editor

I got the first shot of the two shot Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine March 1, and it was such a relief to finally see that light at the end of the tunnel.

It would be great news to receive such a historical vaccine, but with people and politicians caring less and less it is hard to even guess when this pandemic will be put to rest.

With people getting vaccinated slower than originally expected, it is hard to see why states are trying to open back up. The vaccine needs to get out and start working for more than 75 percent of people to help prevent a high number of hospitalizations and deaths.

Being able to receive the vaccine was amazing, but people who do not have it yet need to continue to be safe and wear a mask because they can spread to hundreds of other people causing an outbreak.

Senior Conner Paulson said, “After the first shot of the vaccine, the day after I felt really drowsy and had body chills. I’m not looking forward to the side affects of the second shot, but I am excited to fully be vaccinated.”

The shot itself was nothing scary as it was just like a normal flu shot, so the fact that people are scared to get it and believe it will only hurt them is ridiculous. They are not only thinking only for themselves, but they are allowing themselves to become spreaders.

Senior Gavin Gleason said, ” The vaccine is important to putting this in our past. I am happy that my mom was able to receive it even thought she could of had bad symptoms.”

The vaccine is a needed to help end this pandemic and receiving it is not difficult at all.  Not taking the vaccine is putting not only yourself but everyone around you in danger.