Bowling Team Continues To Fight


Tikaya Jones, Staff Writer

The Boys and Girls bowling team played against Hononegah on March 2nd and fell short, with Varsity Boys ending with 3084 – 3872 and  JV Boys ending 3116 – 3568.

Coach Mr. Marc Felix said, “”Full Tilt” is the best way I can describe our match against Hononegah yesterday. We can’t change the result of our performance, so now we’re focusing on how we can bounce back from this. My JV team hasn’t gotten a lot of love this year but they have been outstanding all season and their performance as a team deserves to be recognized. Days like yesterday happen in sports all the time. We aren’t going to spend our time dwelling on it”.

The Boys Varsity high series and high score go to junior Parker Morris scoring a 247-607. JV high series goes to senior Kevin Gutierrez with 566 and high score goes to sophomore Kyle Lund with 205. JV2 high series and high score goes to Alex Wooten scoring 157-428.

Morris said, “To prepare for our next match, I’d say we have to keep a positive mindset going into the rest of the week. I think also making sure that we really focus on picking up spares during practice. But, I think the most important thing to do is to just have fun.”

The Lady Bucs leading high series goes to Freshman Riley Freeman scoring a 536 and junior Karah Hook followed with a score of  455. Freshman Mia Quintero had a 371 series.

Freeman said, “Our goals are something to aim at but that doesn’t mean we have to hit it. Sure we might not be able to win, but that never stops us from doing something we love: as to do it means you already won.

The bowling team’s next meet is at Harlem on March 5th. After this meet, the bowling team goes against Guilford at Cherry Bowl on March 8, and on March 13 they have the NIC-10 Post Season Tournament.