BHS Students take a survey on block scheduling


Jesse Moyer, Staff Writer

Students were asked to take a block schedule survey on Feb. 23, in order for administrators to receive feedback on the new block schedule versus the original seven-period schedule

Students were asked questions like “How did the block schedule impact your stress level during the school year vs. taking seven periods a day?” and “How did the block schedule impact your learning?

BHS Principal Mr.Billy Lewis said,”While it is too early to know what our school schedule might be next year, I am excited to learn from students and parents about their experiences with the block schedule during the 20-21 school year. This decision to move to a block schedule took place late last summer, in hopes that concentrating on fewer classes at any one time would be beneficial to both staff and students in a fully remote school setting.”

Since moving into fully remote in the beginning of students were happy to be home all day while some were not, but now since we are in a hybrid setting more students went to school and fewer sated home 

Sophomore Keara Watson said, “I feel the new blocking schedule makes students more focused on their current classes and be able to put forth more effort. They are also able to be more responsible for their own time management, and able to balance sports and school work without feeling overwhelmed.”

Sophomore Zoey Proper said,” I like it because of fewer classes and we get done early with the school.”

BHS students take multiple surveys through the year such as summer opportunities, panorama survey, and Essentials State Survey.