BHS switches up schedule for vaccines

Dylan Schohn, Online Editor

For the week of March 1, BHS will switch up the in-person learning days to allow for what are being called a conference support day for teachers to get vaccinated on March 5.

The district is implementing this new schedule is because teachers around the district will be receiving the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine which has been known to leave patients with symptoms.

BHS Principal Mr. Billy Lewis said, “Teachers opting to receive the vaccine will do so March 5 or March 12. I believe the main way it will affect the school year is in confidence levels and peace of mind that they have a level of protection against COVID-19. It is hard to know what else will come of it, but those are two important outcomes we need in order to keep moving forward.”

The district also is implementing the new schedule for next week is because lack of substitute teachers available to fill in for teachers who feel symptoms after receiving the second vaccine shot.

“I am really excited that school employees have been prioritized to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Hopefully with so many adults being vaccinated our staff and students will feel safer in the schools. While we haven’t had any large breakouts of the virus since students started coming back, the availability of the vaccine helps keep community spread low, which is one of the most important things we can do to keep school happening in-person.” said District 100 Superintendent Mr. Daniel Woestman.

The schedule will return to normal starting March 8.

Senior Paige Kitsemble said, “I do not like that the school is changing the schedule again, but I do feel that it is necessary for the safety and healthy of everyone.”