New Football Coach Transitions in smoothly


Jack Larson, Staff Writer

After being hired as the new Head Coach in 2020, Jim Morrow is ready for his first season coaching football at BHS, and is excited to dive into an unprecedented season.

Morrow, a 1988 Belvidere graduate, with 15 years of experience, and 101 wins under his belt, is more than prepared for the season, and has high expectations.

“The schedule is very favorable,” said Morrow. “We feel as though we can compete with every team we play. Winning will depend on our preparation and execution.”

The veteran coach is ecstatic to be back at Belvidere, and is excited to work with the players, and so are they.

Senior Jack Aldihaimawi is one of these players. He said: “Coach Morrow is a great coach, and he connects with us players extremely well. He’s got a great understanding of the game and I’m truly looking forward to working with him this season.”

Since starting his transition last February, Morrow feels that he has been treated very well, and his transition has went better than he could’ve imagined. He is intent on giving the school a great football team, and strongly believes that both the staff, students, and players deserve it.

While Morrow has been settling in smoothly, it is hard to ignore the current issues the team will have to overcome as they’ll have to deal with the covid-19 pandemic, and the conditions of playing in the Spring.

“I think playing this season with a pandemic will have its challenges,” said Coach Morrow. “Staying safe is the number one priority, and that comes with limitations on how we will practice, and prepare. The other big issue right now is the weather, so it will be some time before we get enough snow melt and the temperatures are warm enough for us to move outdoors.  Every team is in the same situation, so it is our job to make the most of each opportunity and control what we can control.”

Coach Morrow encourages all students considering Football to give it a try, and if they plan on doing it, to send him, Coach Essex, or Coach Hernandez an email.