Student council team up for a NHS in Hallway decoration contest

Dylan Schohn, Online Editor

This year for Valentines day Student Council and NHS are competing in a competition to see who can decorate a locker bay better.

Student Council normal decorates the hallways on their own and has a small competition between grades to see who can decorate it the best.

Teachers around the school voted that the Purple bay was the best decorated locker bay.

NHS President Katey Wallace said, “It was really fun working with student council to make something special for the teachers we know how hard they work so it was nice to find a creative way to give back.”

Student council advisor Mrs. Donna Schelonka said, “This year Student Council and NHS partnered up to give the faculty a nice Valentines Day message in the way of locker bay decorations to let faculty know that they are appreciated with the hopes they would also have a Happy Valentines Day. As the locker bays were being decorated a few students asked if it could be a contest.  NHS and Student Council members worked on all four locker bays and I can’t wait to see which locker bay wins.”

Senior Gavin Gleason said, “The hallways are boring to walk through so being able to see some nice decoration is a good change.”

Teachers have the opportunity to vote for a winning locker bay. A winner will be decided on Friday 19th.

Senior Paige Kitsemble said, “It’s nice to see the hallways being decorated. It is a nice sense of normal school during these strange times.”