Cheerleaders, dancers not allowed at basketball games


Jesse Moyer, Staff Writter

BHS cheer and dance teams have seen changes to their schedules and routines, with basketball being pushed back into February and not allowing more than 50 people per games and football has been pushed back until March, taking away the girls’ fall sports season.

Instead, cheerleading and dance will have to rely on virtual competitions to keep their seasons going for now. It is not clear whether cheer and dance will be able to move forward during the spring football season.

According to the IHSA, Cheerleading was considered high risk in the summer. In the summer, teams only worked on contention, jumps, and cheers because the cheerleaders weren’t allowed to tumble or stunt. Now both have been moved to low risk, taking away stunting and contact for the squads. Cheerleaders and dancer must social distance and be a part during routines.

Sophomore Zoey Proper said, “I love to stunt, and when we were told we can’t stunt  I was bummed, but I was still positive about being lucky enough to still do cheer.”

Sophomore Emma Kerchner said, “It was different, but I still had fun because it’s a break from reality.”

Varsity Cheer Coach Sam Peters said, “Competitions are totally different this year. Everything is virtual and pre-recorded. So as a team we will pick a day of the week to wear uniforms to practice and record as many of our routines as possible to get the best possible video. It is weird though. We are recording in an empty gym – in front of NO FANS. Our coaches and JV athletes can’t even yell the words of encouragement. These girls are really going to have to fake it and sell their energy just as if they were in front of a packed gym!”

Since the capacity for basketball games are at 50 people per game, cheerleaders and dance team members are not allowed to cheer or perform at games.