COVID-19 hits Boone County, vaccines now available

COVID-19 hits Boone County, vaccines now available

Jesse Moyer, Staff Writer

Coivd-19 hit back in 2019 and nobody took it seriously until March 2020 when the state of Illinois went into lockdown. Due to this many businesses have had shut down and gone out of business because of no income. Since the positivity rate has been so high which forced school District 100 to move all students remotely. Some students have had trouble having to do school from home.

Sophomore James Moyer said, “I found it difficult to do school from home because I found myself constantly getting distracted and my grades slipping.”

Sophomore Zoey Proper said, “It was hard to get used to remote learning at first but after a while, I realized it wasn’t all that bad”

According to the Boone County Health Department, “The Boone County Health Department has developed a system to distribute COVID-19 vaccine information to the public where residents can submit their contact information. By providing basic contact details, the public will receive periodic updates on COVID-related matters and the latest vaccine information. Additionally, your contact information will be used to provide links to COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Registration Sites, when they become available.”

“This phase will include frontline healthcare workers as well as residents of long-term care facilities. The goal is to fortify the healthcare workforce by removing the most exposed workers from the cycle of illness and infection as well as protect our most vulnerable residents. Illinois has nearly 655,000 people who qualify as “frontline healthcare workers and roughly 110,000 adults statewide who live in long-term care facilities or assisted living residences.”

As the county moves from phase 1a for vaccines were only health care workers, long-term care residents and now as the county transitions into phase 1b frontline essential works and 65 and older can get vaccinated in phase 1b.