New movie “the DIG” comes out on Netflix


Tikaya Jones, Staff Writter

The movie “The DIG” is based on a true story starring Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, and Lily James. The people are digging to see what they could find at the burial site. The movie was released on Friday, January 29th. “The DIG” was filmed in Shackleford.

This movie (the DIG) is based on a true story that originated from the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo and the events. The film is set in Suffolk where Sutton Hoo is located but the production liked the feel of Surrey’s and history. The Norney Grange building is used as Carey Mulligan’s house. The Shackleford post office was also a location used to film at.

the DIG” is in the top 10 (number three in the U.S) on Netflix. This movie has a 4.5 /5 rating. The movie is a drama, history story directed by Simon Stone. The story is by John Preston who first wrote a novel about this story.

Bailey Burkholder said, “the Dig” was an alright movie. Burkholder says “I wasn’t fond about the slow beginning but towards the end, it got better”. She would only recommend it to certain people who are interested in history, slow-moving movies.

Though there’s much talk about accusing Netflix of ageism because they cast Carey Mulligan a 35-year-old as a 56-year-old on the movie. Many people feel that there were tons of great actresses that could play the part of Edith Pretty. John Preston says “Edith was 27 when she did the dig in real life so to suggest she was a grizzled professional is pushing it a bit”. Despite what he says the people may still feel offended by the choice of the character.

Some people feel that the industry is failing to accept women of a certain age. Nicole Kidman (53 years old) was the original choice for the role of Edith pretty. Kidman backed out and then Mulligan was chosen for the role instead. Ben Chaplin was 51 years old and they cast 21-year-old Stuart Piggott and there were no talks about that. Someone tweeted about the incident and felt the same issue doesn’t apply to men.

Other than the ageism incident a lot of people seem to love the movie. It’s a great movie and teaches life lessons. The movie was emotional but really touches you in the end in ways you may not catch.

This great movie helps you understand the history behind why Edith Pretty wanted to dig in hopes of finding something. I give this movie 4 stars, I really do recommend watching this movie especially if you like learning about the past.