Choosing to come into school instead of staying home


Conner Paulson, Staff Writer

Other classmates and I returned back to school on January 22nd to finish the second semester-having the first semester completely online was very hard for me.

I was lacking a lot of motivation, and it was very easy for me to get distracted and that was making school very difficult for me.

When the district determined that the COVID-19 cases were down, and coming back to school would be a possibility, I immediately decided that I would participate in the hybrid schedule. The decision was very easy for me to make.

During the first two weeks, I have noticed I have been getting my work done right when its given to me, and my participation and focus has improved a lot.

Senior Meadow Cox said, “It felt really nice to be able to come back and interact with teachers and students again.”

The school has done a very good job of making school a safe and enjoyable place by having strict rules and changes to the school. Coming back and knowing that I would be safe has been a plus as well.

When I asked senior Jack Aldi what he thought about the new COVID rules, and if he felt safe with the return he said, “I think BHS is doing great with the new COVID rules, they’re making sure we’re all safe by implementing great rules for us to follow everyday we attend school”.