Staying at home the rest of my freshman year


Lexi Childers, Intro Staff Writer

This year, my freshman year at Belvidere High School things have been funky. Covid-19 made my freshman year be all online. I have troubles with being in school and online.

All of the 1,400 students at BHS got the option to stay online or to go back into school. For me, I chose to stay online because it helps my mental health a lot. I have horrible social anxiety and I can learn better online.

I feel for me online will always be a better option only because it’s not as much stress and I can go at my own pace. The downside is that I won’t be able to experience “the high school memories.”

I think about it as I still have college to have fun and make connections with people. I’m excited to grow. I have that ability with being online because I don’t have to worry about others. I have time to love myself and get things done.