NHS Inducts juniors for the 2020-21 school year


Autumn Przybyla, Print Editor in Chief

The NHS Chapter inducted new members for the 2020-21 school year on Nov. 23, through a Google Meet.

The new inductees are juniors Addie Molloy, Beau DeGennaro, Tallory Wendell, Jadyn Vail, Grace Reza, Ella Yates, Brynn Kirkland, Rebecca Kolk, and Naomi Castro.

NHS Adviser Mrs. Natalka Nejman said, “NHS students are always a great group to work with, that’s part of what keeps me wanting to be an adviser each year. I love that our chapter makes a difference in our community, even if the differences are small ones, I think they matter. I think the new inductees have a lot of potential, and that makes me excited for the future. We’ve all lived through a tough time this year but that makes us stronger. This challenge has put us in a position to become more creative and still make scholarship, service, leadership, and character relevant in our Belvidere community.”

Normally, new members would be inducted through a ceremony held in the PAC and light their candles as a way to commit to the pillars of the chapter. However, due to the circumstances of 2020, Mrs. Nejman put together a slideshow induction and presented in through a Google Meet.

Kirkland said, “I joined NHS because I wanted to start volunteering more and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to do that. Even though I haven’t been in NHS that long, I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m excited for what we will do in the future.”

The NHS Chapter has started off this school year by donating candy for Meehan Elementary students, due to not being able to hold Halloween Hallways, participating in the parade held by both BHS and BNHS Student Councils, painting windows on State Street for the holiday season, and so much more.

Kolk said, “I joined National Honors Society because it provides many opportunities to build my leadership skills and it helps me stay connected with the community.”

Although this year is far from normal, NHS is continuing to give back to their community in the safest ways possible by coming up with virtual community service opportunities, such as sending holiday cards to a local nursing home.