BHS adjusts tutorials for students


Jesse Moyer, Staff writer

 BHS has revamped its sports tutorials system to BUC UP’s. BUC UP’s are a faster way to get back to your sport. In case you forgot what a tutorial is it is where you are endangered to not participate in your sport due to pasting 5 classes, and have two tutorials to complete in a week. In this case with BUC Ups is the same way but it breaks it down into steps.

Athletic Director Mr. Josh Sterinquist had this to say about the BUC UP’s “In an attempt to adapt to the current circumstances our students are facing in remote-learning, we decided to adapt our eligibility program for athletics.  We knew one of the major issues had been engagement so we implemented lots of layers of communication and visuals.  We also identified evidence in a traditional school setting and how we could transfer that to a virtual or remote setting.  Those evidence of work is what we have decided to call BUC UP’s.  All the while, we attempted to hold students accountable and teach good habits of work so that they can maintain proficiency. The program provided promising results during the trial run in the Fall.  We had direct and fulfilling communication and the kids presented BUC UP evidence to become proficient. I am sure we can learn a few things from this process to assist our students, campus-wide.  We hope to continue to evolve the program and possibly keep it in place when we do return to the halls of BHS.”