Covid-19 causes seniors to miss major events

Covid-19 causes seniors to miss major events

Dylan Schohn , Co-Editor

IHSA has decided to postpone the start of winter sports after Covid-19 sky rocket across the country. With Boone county having one of the high positivist rates in the state, it’s no wonder why district 100 has decided to push back the start of winter sports.

I feel that pushing these sports back are not going to get anything done. Covid-19 has only gone up with time. With many fall sport season being canceled it hurts that much more to the senior multiple sport athletes.

Seeing other sports take part in fall sports hurts not only the seniors at this school, but at all schools across the state. Not getting a chance to play one more season really hurts the students.

The effect that this has on the BHS class of 2021 is really hard due to the fact that they were looking to redeem themselves this year in many sports. Many sports have hired new coaches to help try to change the losing  habits that have happened over the past few years.

I do understand the dangerous of this virus and how it could kill many people if we did not take it seriously. It is good that we did the safe thing, but these seniors will never get these years back. The class of 2021 is getting screwed over harder than any other graduating class.

They other terrible  thing that is happening to the 2021 class is that they have never had a prom. Prom is a huge high school tradition and many students have not had the chance to go to one. This just further shows how much the 2021 class is dealing with.

The state and IHSA should team up and do something for the senior class as they have lost out on many experienced they will never get a chance to have again. They need to make the seniors of this year feel that they didn’t just get screwed over.