Remote learning has flaws


Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

On Sept. 7th, 2020 district 100 students began remote learning due to COVID-19. Students have been working at home and have been successful besides a few minor problems.

Students are not required to have their cameras on which is nice for students who do not want to show their face. However, one of the main concerns is participation and students can easily disregard the class when they do not have their camera on. Yet who says those students would do the work in the first place. Remote learning let’s students take responsibility for their own work. Which may annoy some teachers but overall it matures students.

Senior Garrett Frazier said, “I like E-learning it let’s me work at my own pace and I do not feel like my time is being wasted. However it does suck that I am a senior and missing out on my last year.”

Another issue with remote learning is the internet. Students have to depend on their internet connection to get work done so any issue can delay work immensely. It is usually the same students who deal with these issues so getting work done can be much harder than other students leading to lack of motivation. BHS has offered internet in the library but that does not fix the next issue.

One issue connected to the internet is google meet. It can be almost impossible to get work done when you are in a google meet. It is very slow to open tabs and let alone do anything. Students understand that teachers want to make sure we are doing work, but they must let the students leave the meet and work on their own time.

Senior Janell Richards said, “I like remote learning, but I can not get work done in a meet and I think I would be more productive if there was a different way of taking attendance.”

Remote learning has been successful, but there’s a way better way to go about it. Firstly students who do the work will do it no matter what so the successful students should not be required to do video meetings. It could all be done in an email or google form for attendance. The students who are struggling may schedule a meeting with teachers, but if students are not doing the work that is their own fault and other students should not have to pay. Lastly is the internet, BHS offers internet in the library but I believe they could connect with internet providers to help families with deals if they are not already. The main concern is google meet. Teachers must trust that students will do the work and be very short in the meet. If teachers only required students to join on Monday, for example, it would take stress off students and allow them to work on their own time. If we are going to do remote learning, you have to see the student point of view and understand that we can not get work done under this current system.