Student Councils host crosstown car parade


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

On November 14 at 1:00 BHS and BNHS’s student councils will come together and host a cross town car parade where the students will meet at opposite schools and finish at their own student parking lot.

The for BHS students will be from Beloit rd to states street to 6th avenue to East avenue the to the parking lot.

Student council advisor Mrs.Donna Schelonka said, “The crosstown parade was an idea brought to us by the member of the Belvidere North student council and we jumped on board thinking it was a great idea.  Partnering with them for this great event is a great community event.”

Students will be able to drive in the parade with their own cars and decorate them to repsent their clubs, sports, or school.

Senior Gavin Gleason said, “It’s nice to see that the schools are trying to put something together to make this years high school experience more fun.”

Students must remain in their cars with seat belts on and can not ride in the beds of trucks. No candy is to be thrown for bystanders. No walkers or bikers will be allowed in the parade.