School Board Increases Services

Autumn Przybyla, Print Editor in Chief

The school board discussed new in-person learning plans on Oct. 19 and is allowing an increase of certain services within all grade levels, but did not approve the plan for elementary students to return to in-person learning in November.

The specific services that will be offered throughout all grade levels include more Special Education students being able to return to in-person learning.

“I think that it is potentially manageable, given that the numbers are low enough to maintain social distancing and allow for a certain level of safety. We have had even the smallest of classrooms that have had to quarantine thus returning them to remote learning without enough notification to allow parents the opportunity to provide daycare”, said anonymous, “Furthermore, if you come into contact with anyone with COVID-like symptoms that are awaiting test results, you quarantine. This has occurred across the district at all academic levels; therefore, I would question the value of consistency versus the unknown, which results in immediate inconsistency.”

High school students in some career and technical classes, such as Drafting and Advanced Auto, will also be able to return for the specific class.

Elementary students were not cleared to return to in-person learning, as was initially hoped, due to the increasing amount of COVID-19 cases throughout the region.

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Woestman said, “I know many students and their families were hoping November would bring a return to in-person learning. I am sorry we are not able to offer that option, and appreciate your continued understanding.”