Golf and tennis team finish seasons


Jesse Moyer, Staff writer

This school year has been different from the past years which also messed up the sports seasons. Certain sports were able to play on time this year. Golf and Tennis were able to get in its seasons.
The boys’ golf team finished tied for 8th. Our team’s total of 399 is much better than last year. (don’t know the exact number of strokes but it’s at least 20, maybe 40.) In a normal year, the top 3 teams and 10 individuals (not on the top 3 teams) move on to Sectionals. Aiden Krup and David Bertolasi would have moved onto Sectionals in a normal year. But not this year of course. The girls’ golf placed 3rd at sectionals, in West Dundee at Randall Oaks Golf course. Belvidere’s Coe Walberg placed 8th at sectionals.
Girls Tennis Team tied for 7th place at sectionals out of 11 teams.
Senior and Tennis player Chloe Konieczki said “Tennis was really fun and I’m glad that I did it. There was so much to learn from it and I think that it helped me to become a better athlete. We had some ups and downs but we came back from them stronger and determined. Overall a great experience and fun learning experience.”
Junior and Boy’s Golf player Aiden Krup said” Well at the beginning of the year we had to wear a mask while we played. Then IHSA decided that we didn’t have to wear them anymore, we just wore them just in practice. Then we didn’t go to any invites, which also only went up to sectionals this year no state. The cut of the size of players going to sectionals down. In a normal year they take the top 3 teams, and top 10 individuals after.”
Boys Golf coach Jermery Edwards said: Sure. “The 2020 BHS Boys Golf season was the most successful season that I have coached.  I started in 2017, and this is the first time when we truly felt competitive in multiple matches throughout the season.  Our final season team average was 191, while last year’s team average was 233.  So we improved by 42 shots as a team, which is incredible.  That’s 10 shots per golfer better.

The biggest difference this season was confidence.  Our golfers had confidence in themselves that they could score well and they had confidence in their teammates that they would score well.  So if a golfer had a bad hole, it was his responsibility to stay positive and keep grinding because we had a chance to win almost every match.”