BHS Adapts to E-Learning


Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

District 100 staff and students returned to school Sept. 8, but with a different schedule. Due to COVID-19, the pandemic that started in March 2020, the district switched to E-Learning for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

Senior Garrett Frazier said, “I have not minded the change, but I am an auto student and I miss being able to be hands-on for that.”

District 100 usually starts in August and that was the plan this year, but it was going to be half E-Learning and half in school. That changed quickly though as other schools around the country started experiencing COVID cases. District 100 pushed back to school to Sept. 8 and switched to all E-Learning for at least the first quarter.

Junior Aiden Krup said, “It has been alright so far, but I can see a lot of concerns. Classes are moving very fast and some students are not used to working that fast.”

District 100 is scheduled to return to school after the first quarter, but many have expressed unlikely concerns.

BHS government teacher Mrs. Maldonado said, “It’s a big change for me.  I’m very much a people person and miss the interactions with my students.  I do not like staring at my computer screen looking at letters all day (I wish my students would turn on their cameras, even for just a few minutes) and wondering if my students are comprehending what we are discussing.  As far as returning back to school after the first quarter, I’m divided on that issue.  I understand why we are virtually conducting classes, for the safety of all and I appreciate that.  However, as I just stated, I miss the interactions with the students and making those personal connections.  I also believe some students are missing coming to school..”

In addition to starting E-learning, District 100 has also started to use Empower for grading. Empower replaced old programs like Canvas and E-school because it works better with performance-based grading.