AMC theaters open to public

AMC theaters open to public

Makayla Dwyer, staff writer

AMC theaters have opened recently and are playing movies regularly.

They are playing fourteen different movies and one of those movies is The Broken Hearts Gallery. This movie is about a girl who saves an item from every relationship she’s ever been in and then opens a gallery with all the items.

“I heard AMC was opening again and I was very excited to be able to go to the movies again,” says belvidere resident Connie Zyer. “I went to see the new movie The Broken Hearts gallery with my sister and we both absolutely loved it and recommend for people to go see it. 

AMC is open everyday and is playing all movies at different times throughout the day and there are also different ways you can watch, like Imax and also 3D. 

“I can’t wait to go see it, I’ve been waiting for a while and am planning on going this week, I’m really hoping it’s good,” says Kacie Ross, junior at BHS. 

The Broken Hearts Gallery will be playing up until Wednesday September 30th. Tickets are $8.05 a child, $11.09 an adult, and $9.59 for seniors.