IHSA makes changes to high school sports schedule

Jesse Moyer, Staff

  On March 16, 2020 Schools across the state of Illinois shut down because of COVID-19. On July 29,2020, IHSA(Illinois High School Association) announced the future of high school sports for the 2020-2021 school year.IHSA boys and girls golf, girls tennis, cross country, and girls swimming & diving will remain as fall sports and can proceed to start on August 10 as scheduled. Per Governor Pritzker’s announcement on Wednesday, fall sports will begin with competition limited to conference opponents and other schools in the same general geographical area. Schools will be provided more details in the coming week about the scheduling limits, and the schedule will continue to be assessed throughout each season. The condensed 2020-21 season dates will be as follows (see chart below to see where each sport falls):
Fall:        August 10 to October 24
Winter:   November 16 to February 13
Spring:    February 15 to May 1
Summer: May 3 to June 26  

Sophomore Zoey Proper said, “I’m sad about not being able to cheer this fall because I miss the sport and hanging out with my friends.”

Sophomore James Moyer said, “It’s not fair that the NFL(National Football League) can have football this fall but High school can not play football in the fall and plus football is better to play in the fall than playing football in the spring.”

Senior Chloe Konieczki said “ Many think it’s a bad decision. I think it was good for everyone to keep everyone safe. This also gave many the opportunity to try a new sport or even do 4 sports. Since cheer got pushed back I decided to do a new sport and it’s really nice to see another aspect and how to play a different sport that I have never done before. So I think this was a good decision by IHSA. (Illinois High School Association)   

Fall teams are having contact days with students to prepare them for the upcoming seasons for more information about your sport visit www.ihsa.org.