Pandemic destroys local business


Dylan Schohn , Co-editor

With Covid-19 erupting over the past few months and businesses having to adjust it has put many businesses into panic mode with slashes of menus, raising in prices, and letting large numbers of works go.

Senior Natalie Pearson who works at Ace Hardware said, “We had to force people to wear masks well and clean the whole store after every day.”

Senior Paige Kitsemble who  works at Cold Stone said, “It’s been hard on my work. We have had many nights where we do not see many people come in. Cold Stone had to up the prices on all of it’s ice cream just to keep money coming in.”

Belvidere Chrysler plant has seen many temporary shutdowns over the course of the summer due to Covid-19 and lack of demand in cars. The plant is planing to open up on June 1 according to

McDonald’s has even been hit hard during this pandemic. They had to cut their menu’s down due to lack of supplies.

Local McDonald’s Manager Juan Hernandez said, “We have had a hard time dealing with the pandemic and the shut down but once we got everything under control we have slowly started seeing customers come back.”

Many restaurants around Belvidere have had to change seating arrangements due to the pandemic. Fast food restaurants have had to close down their eating areas and are now drive through only.

Other restaurants have put up tents for out door eating for the summer season to help customers feel safer. With summer ending, most places are starting to close up their outdoor option and keeping their customers inside.