I Still Believe brings audience to tears


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

I Still Believe, a faith-based romantic biopic based on a true story, brought tears to moviegoers eyes when it was released on March 13.

The film is based off Christian music artist, Jeremy Camp’s first marriage with his late wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp. Named after Camp’s popular song written for his wife, the film follows their love story and his journey in music.

I Still Believe begins with young Camp heading off to college far from his hometown. After sneaking backstage at a welcoming concert and befriending Jean-Luc, the performing band’s singer, he spots Henning-Camp in the crowd. He runs into her several times and establishes a friendship that quickly turns into a relationship. However, their life takes a turn when she is diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer once they’re engaged. Using his growing fame, Camp uses his platform to seek help for Henning-Camp.

The film stays true to their story, showing the awkwardness of their first few dates, Camp’s struggle with showing his music to the world, and his retelling of her story throughout his career. The important details didn’t seem rushed and kept a perfect pace throughout.

KJ Apa played the role of Camp in I Still Believe. Apa’s vocals are not the same as Camp’s, but deliver the same passion and love for music and faith. Some of the songs featured in the film included “This Man”, “My Desire”, “Right Here”, “Walk By Faith” and of course “I Still Believe.”

Britt Robertson took on the role of Henning-Camp and delivered a great performance. Her portrayal was respectful and showed an accurate picture of the amount of pain that comes from fighting cancer. It was both believable and heart wrenching.

According to Camp himself in an interview with USA Today, Camp and Henning-Camp’s families were involved in the creative process for the film. They showed up on set everyday and helped answer the actor’s questions about how they personally reacted in different scenes in order to show an accurate story.

During this time of uncertainty, a film like this is refreshing. I Still Believe is an incredibly heartfelt film that displays an inspiring story of love, loss, and faith. Moviegoers can see I Still Believe at AMC Showplace 16 in Rockford.