BHS introduces Zen Zone

Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

PBIS introduced a Zen Zone to the Teacher’s Lounge and is in the process of creating one for the students as well, which will be ready within the next few weeks in room 114.

The teacher’s Zen Zone is a sample of the upcoming area in order to give faculty and students an idea of what they will soon be able to utilize, which includes a bean bag.┬áThe student Zen Zone will be designed with comfy furniture as well.

Ms. Leigh Walbaum said, “The Zen Zone is something that allows students to be able to have a quiet place to regulate their emotions.”

Junior Arianna Mendez originally brought up the idea to Principal Mr. Billy Lewis of a relaxing area for teachers and students to utilize throughout the school due to a need to have time to themselves.

Junior Katey Wallace said, “I think that the Zen Zone is a good idea, as it will give us a comfy place to focus or relax.”

The Zen Zone will be available during lunches for students and faculty to use.

Mr. Jeff Edelman said, “Although not many teachers go into the Teacher’s Lounge every day, I am curious to see how PBIS will implement more Zen Zones around the school for the students to enjoy as well.”

PBIS hopes to expand the Zen Zone next year and implement more quiet places around the school.