Administration cracks down on parking passes


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

Belvidere High School students received an announcement Feb. 12 about parking pass warnings being put on cars that do not have a parking pass and cars that still do not have a pass will be towed the following day.

District 100 Superintendent Mr.Daniel Woestman said, “We have tried for years to enforce the parking passes through announcements, warnings, and encouragement. Unfortunately, we still had many students who did not purchase parking passes. This is unfair to students who chose to pay for a parking pass fee. In the past year, we’ve ensured towing was communicated as an option in the handbook and through signage at the school.”

With little acknowledgement towards the announcement, BHS students still parked in the lot without a pass. Students who did try to get a parking pass were rushed as the threat of their cars getting towed were lurking in the back of their minds.

Junior Paige Kitsemble said, “I was so scared about my car getting towed. I barely even had time to get a parking pass with my basketball game being away and having to leave right after school and having a doctor’s appointment that morning, I couldn’t even get the pass to put on my car.”

According to Assistant Principal Mr. James Frisesma, on Feb.13 during the school day, three cars were towed. Many other students moved their cars to surrounding streets to avoid their cars being towed.

Senior Zarius Dent said, “I had to move my car during school so I didn’t get towed. I was annoyed because I had to miss out on class time just so I didn’t get towed.”

The students who did get towed had to pay $150 to get their cars back from the impound lot. Students who were towed still have to pay the $50 for the parking pass.

Junior Houston Daringer, who had his car towed, said, “I really think it is unfair how they did not give me any time to get a pass. I really never thought they would actually tow cars.”