NHS celebrates Valentine’s Day


Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

NHS is selling Valentine’s Day flowers (carnations) from Feb. 6 to Feb. 13.

NHS Vice President junior Katey Wallace said, “We enjoy selling them because it’s a good and safe way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

A red flower means “I love you,” pink means “I like you,” and white means “you’re my friend.”

NHS Adviser Mrs. Michelle Eklund said, “I think the carnations are a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate the holiday at school.”

Each carnation will be $1.50. NHS has been selling these carnations for at least seven years.

NHS member junior Elly Heimer said, “It’s a cool and fun way to give students the chance to reach out to someone new and for NHS to raise money at the same time.”

The carnations will be handed out on Feb. 13 during lunches.