The Young Americans visit BHS


The Young Americans came to BHS on Jan. 24 to perform with choir students across the school district.

The Young Americans are a non-profit performing group based in Southern California. They travel the world teaching kids and teens alike different aspects about the performing arts.

BHS students and fellow district students worked hard to learn choreography, possible dance or song solos, improv, and lyrics to many different songs. They had three days total to rehearse the two hour long show.

“The experience was just as great as I expected it to be,” junior Brianne Jankowski said. “There were so many dance routines and different songs to learn, as well as stuff we created ourselves. I definitely recommend taking part in this awesome experience. You’ll make new friends and learn different ways to be creative through the performing arts.”

The performance began with The Young Americans performing by themselves to introduce their skill sets through different music genres. After a 15 minute intermission, the students joined in. Each age group had their turn in the spotlight, together or apart, and put together a great show for the audience.

This isn’t the first time The Young Americans have visited BHS. They came to BHS in 2013 with their “Turn Up The Music” campaign.

“It was very fun like before. I learned about different techniques that I can use in choir and theatre that will help me in the long run,” senior Allison Viola said.