Access and AP practice testing to take place at BHS


Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

BHS to be holding Access testing that started on Jan. 28 that will last until Feb. 6.

There will be no reading announcements and no bells during the time of Access testing.

Junior Nikcole Ryan said, “I understand why they are doing the access testing but I do not like the no bells or announcements system. I’m always scared that I am going to be late to class.”

BHS will also be having practice AP tests to help boost the passing rate on the AP tests.

Assistant Principal Mr. James Friesema said, “The motivation is to give students an idea of what the test is like, prior to taking it in May.  We have seen tremendous growth over the last four years in the amount of AP Test our students are taking.  However, we want to also increase our pass rate as well.”

The practice AP tests will be from March. 13-19.

Junior, AP student Paige Kitsemble said, “I like that there is going to be a chance for us to get ready for the test rather than wasting our money with no preparation for the test.”