Halsey reveals Ashley on new album


Aurora Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Pop and alternative artist, Halsey released Manic, her third studio album, this past weekend on Jan. 17.

The new album features “Without Me”, her 2018 Billboard Hot 100 number one hit as well as “Clementine”, “Graveyard”, “You Should Be Sad”, and “Finally//Beautiful Stranger”. 

Manic has a few features on it including Alanis Morissette, Dominic Fike, and BTS.

“Without Me” is one of the most well known songs on her album thus far, being a 2018 single. It’s no secret that Halsey wrote the song about her break up with rapper G-Eazy. The chorus of the song is catchy and is straight to the point.

“You Should Be Sad” was released as a single on Jan. 9, with a music video accompanying it. Similar to “Without Me”, the song points back to the ugly break up with G-Eazy. Halsey channels different female figures in the video, like Shania Twain and Aubrey Hepburn. Despite “You Should Be Sad” being more of a country song, it very much has Halsey’s flair added to it.

While some songs allude to her past relationships or current relationships, “Clementine” allows listeners to see her mental illness. Halsey battles bipolar disorder and doesn’t shy away from advocating for mental health to be a priority. The song features a calm piano being played that makes it easy listening. “Clementine” does build up with the chorus, with lyrics intermingling and showing more raw emotion.

“Graveyard” is another popular song on Manic that also expresses her battle with her bipolar disorder. It’s also speculated to be about her general bad experiences in relationships.

Overall, the album has diverse songs and showcase a new side of Halsey. New fans and old fans alike can find Manic on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services as well as in-store at Target, Best Buy, and WalMart.