North hosts neon Valentine’s day dance

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

BNHS will be hosting a neon dance on Feb. 14, after the Boys varsity Basketball game.

The dance will be from right after the basketball game until 11 p.m.

Junior Paige Kitsemble said, “I think it’s cool that they are doing something on Valentine’s Day and having a dance with both schools.”

Prices for the dance will be $2 at the entrance. Only BHS and BNHS students can attend. Students must be in good standing points to attend. There will also be random breathalyzer tests.

Student Council Adviser, Mrs. Donna Schelonka, who is also working with BNHS to help set up the dance, said, “Over the past few years, Student Councils from both Belvidere and Belvidere North have been meeting with Dr. Woestman to find ways to bring both schools together.  This year, it was decided to have a neon dance as one way to bring the schools together.”

Freshman Payton Flood said, “I’m happy that the schools are trying to bring the student bodies together and hosting something that will remind kids of the fifth and sixth grade dances.”