BHS rocks into semester two


Jacob Fitch, Co-Editor

Last week at BHS on January 8th and 9th BHS administration hosted an assembly to welcome students back and get ready for semester two.

The administration kicked off the assembly by talking about some of the successes students achieved during the first semester. Student council led by Ms. Donna Schelonka packed 187 meal boxes for feed my starving children that is 40,392 meals and 111 kids fed for a year, yet it only cost $9,684. 25 Musicians Qualified for the District and Jazz Fest and senior Eddie Ortiz Qualified for All-State. Finally, 287 students are signed up in AP courses this year at BHS and  12 students also qualified for Illinois State Scholars.

This year at BHS a new athletic director was hired Mr. Joushua Sternquist. Sternquist made many changes at BHS during his first semester. Bass fishing was added as a spring sport making our total number of sports up to 27 and esports is in the work. Fall sports participation numbers are the highest in three years and winter sports participation is the highest it has been in five years.

Junior Sam Panzke said, “I am excited about the bass fishing season this year. I go fishing with students all the time and it’s a great stress reliever after doing work and I am glad it is being added as a sport.”

Sternquist reiterated that if participation in both clubs and sports reaches 62.5 percent he and three other staff members will skydive. Yet we are only at 60.6 percent that means that only 25 more students need to join a club or sport to reach the 62.5 percent goal.

One goal this year was to have a 20 percent cumulative decrease in referrals for fighting, insubordination, disrespect, and physical aggression and BHS has reached and passed the goal with a 23 percent decline in referrals.

Junior Jannell Richards said, “I am proud of our school for all of our accomplishments they made in such a short amount of time and it makes me feel safer hearing the referral numbers are down as well.”

At the end of the assembly, the men’s choir ran by choir teacher Mr. Mark Miller came out and sang a few songs before students returned to class.