Mr. BHS brings little interest to seniors

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Mr. BHS brings little interest to seniors

Autumn Przybyla, Staff Writer

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The yearly Mr. BHS performance that is scheduled for April 4 may have to be canceled, due to minimal interest and participation.

Mr. BHS Adviser Ms. Donna Schelonka usually runs the show with at least eight contestants, but this year, only six are signed up, which are seniors Alvaro Mancillas, Riley Broessel, Nathan Tepp, Carter Coryell, Daniel Prather, and Andrew Hawkins.

Ms. Schelonka said, “I will have Mr. BHS run with six, but if any back out I would seriously consider cancelling due to lack of interest.  I have never had so little interest in the previous four years that it has run.  I am always excited about Mr. BHS, but saddened by the lack of interest this year.”

Ms. Schelonka hopes for a higher number of participants next year, as many juniors have already showed interest for their senior year performance.

Tepp said, “I’m super excited to dance in front of everyone at Mr. BHS and I hope everyone who participates has fun.”

Last year, 11 boys participated and Dane Jankiewicz was crowned Mr. BHS. Jacob Rice won Prince Charming and Stephen King won People’s Choice.

Prather said, “The idea of this being my final send off before graduation and being able to take this moment in and appreciate it for the rest of my life motivated me to participate in Mr. BHS. Plus, winning would be pretty cool.”

If interested in participating in Mr. BHS, see Ms. Schelonka in rooms 45 or 49.