First semester recap of PBG

First semester recap of PBG

Dylan Schohn, Co-Editor

This past semester, BHS put proficiency based grading (PBG) in almost all of it’s class rooms to help kids learn all of the required material.

Junior Paige Kitsemble said, “I really had a hard time with the PBG system at first, but I am starting to understand it more.”

According to Superintendent Dr. Daniel Woestman, the PBG system at BHS saw a 41.3 percent of students with A’s. There also was a four percent boost in it’s numbers of A’s and B’s in it’s classes.

BHS also only has 5.9 percent of students with an F as well as a 6.6 percent decrease in D’s and F’s.

There is still a large number of students who have incomplete assignments or I’s on their report card. This means the students can finish their work from first semester up until Jan. 31.

The new PBG system has benefited BHS more than it has the BNHS, as BNHS has a higher failing percentage of students with seven percent.

According to Dr.Woestman he is planning on recommending to the school board to push back the full implementation of PBG system to District 100 to the 2021- 2022 school year.

English Teacher Ms. Shahrazad Sheikhali said, “I feel like the extra pilot year is going to be beneficial to the people who actually use the year to work out the kinks and make it a more proficient system.”